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Mariko Neko by tsubasasan11
Mariko Neko
OC created by Tsubasasan11 and Kusai (Combination of mine and his art.)

Kusai's DeviantART Page:
RAN RAN - Chapter 4 - Page 5 by tsubasasan11
RAN RAN - Chapter 4 - Page 5
When Ran Ran's mother had looked into her daughters eyes, she was concerned with what she saw. Something was weighing heavy on the girls mind, and it was causing her to seem out of touch with the environment around her. Chigusa tried calling out her name again and again but her calls were not reaching her. She could see that the concern was high, but had no idea what her daughter had been going through.

Ran Ran with dark circles under her eyes, looks almost frightened as she looks into her moms eyes with her dead-dark eyes. Tora could only wait with anticipation to see what the outcome of this lingering silent moment was going to bring.

What Chigusa did not know, and it was questionable if Tora had some telepathic way of hearing what was going on in Ran Ran's head, but Ran Ran's apparent impairing was not because she was losing her mind. She was under a spell of witchcraft from the Shadow Kingdom, both telepathic threats were being rung into both her ears (from within her mind) from Zoi, while the spell itself was causing her to become distorted based on her perceptions of Tora. She was actually becoming convinced that Tora was evil all this time, and that she only wanted to hurt her.

Ran Ran looks up at Tora, who had been air born this whole time just a few feet from her, and looks at her with a very concerned look. The threats alone were bad enough, but was all this a trap? Was Tora actually an agent of the Shadow Kingdom!? Stay tuned to find out what happens next! 

To be Continued in Chapter 4 - Page 6: (Chapter 4 - Page 6 - is not up yet.)

Read RAN RAN from the beginning here:…

"Usagi, one of your friends are here to see you." Screams Usagi's mother from the bottom of the staircase.

It was 8:11am on Usagi's alarm clock, and it had been alarming since 8:00am. Usagi was in a deep sleep, dreaming of her dreamy Tuxedo Mask, who told her that he would always be by her side, no matter what. Usagi's mother interrupted the conclusion of this dream. Usagi's eyes burst wide open to the loud ring of her alarm clock, and sat up from her head to the pillow, and grabs it in a tight grip with both her hands.

"Stupid alarm clock! Stupid mothers always interrupting the best part of good dreams!" She exclaims, before turning off the alarm clock by pressing the turn-off button on the top of it. She then stood out of bed, only to face Luna telling her that her mother had told her that someone is waiting for her at the front door.

"OH! JUST A MINUTE MOM. TELL HER I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!" She screams, hoping that her voice would penetrate through her bedroom door, all the way down the stairs to where her mother was. She quickly dressed in her Juban Middle School Sailor Uniform, and headed down the stairs.

When she entered the kitchen, her mother was there with her Bento Lunch Box. She hands it to her eldest daughter (Chibi Usagi being her youngest daughter) and tells her to go see her friend at the front entrance.

Usagi marches her way over the front door, where a girl, her height, with short, blue hair, stood. It was none other than the School Genius, Ami Mizuno. Usagi approaches her,

"Hi Ami-chan. Walking me to school today?"

"Well, yes, I figured we could go to class together this morning, and then go to some of the shopping districts after school before I begin Cram Class. That, and I knew you would sleep in if I didn't show up at your house. (-_-')"

Usagi, a little embarrassed, smiles nervously, then says, "Ha-ha, ya! I normally sleep in a little whenever I spend the whole night dreaming. It puts me in such a deep sleep!"

"Hehe, I can believe it. But we should really get going before we are late for class. Do you really want to face Haruna's wrath?"

Suddenly a cold chill goes up Usagi's spine at the thought of being late for Haruna's home room class, and at that the two members of the five Inner Sailor Guardian Team rush out the front door.

When they arrive at the school, Makoto Kino was seen defending a smaller kid from a group of male bullies. Usagi and Ami walk up to where the confrontation was taking place, but kept their distance, knowing that Makoto could handle herself in this situation.

Makoto makes a fist, and holds it out in front of her. "You idiots better scram, because I'm not putting up with any bullying. You hear me!?"

The two bullies got the message, they didn't want to mess with the toughest female student in Juban, so they decide to just stick their hands in their pockets and walk away to their individual homerooms.

Usagi and Ami approach Makoto. Usagi says, "Mako-chan, you're going to be late. We're all going to be late, if we don't hurry to class."

Makoto nods, "I know, I didn't expect to see any bullying this early in the morning, so I had to step in."

Ami speaks up, "I need to do a bit of Math Studying after Cram Class tonight, if anyone has any homework that needs to be done, feel free to join me."

Usagi and Makoto agree to join her as they both had homework from last night that was due tomorrow. "I will inform Rei-chan and Mina-chan about tonight's study group as well." Says Ami, then the three head to their individual homerooms. Luckily for them they were just on time for their first morning classes, so Haruna did not have to send Usagi out to the hall for once.

After school, the Sailor Team were all gathered, and Rei and Minako were both informed about the study group, (and they were able to go.) Makoto departs from the group after telling them that she has to clean her apartment and prepare some baked goods for the study group tonight. Rei also had Shrine Maiden duties to perform at the Hikawa Shrine so she had to depart from the group as well. Minako seemed really excited. Usagi and Ami look at her curiously, then ask what she was all upbeat about. She says, "A production company is working on a new Sailor V Anime series. I believe this is the third season since they started this project. I am so happy to see how it turns out."

Ami smiles, then looks at her watch. "I have about an hour and a half before I have to make my way to my Cram Class, it'll take us approximately twenty-five minutes to make it to the shopping districts. We should hurry." She says to both Usagi and Minako.

Before Usagi can respond, Minako gets even more excited, and asks if she can join in on the fun. "I was meaning to do some shopping, and would love to join in!"

Ami nods, "Sure, Mina-chan, we would love to have you come along with us."

Usagi smiles, "Yay! Three works out just fine! It's a small-group this way!"

When the three members of the Sailor Team entered the Juban Shopping District, there was a strange feeling in the air. Luna was actually the first to notice it, and contacted all the Sailor Team from the communicator that was with Ami. Luna had been in the district about an hour before the three girls entered it, but couldn't find the communicator when she got back to Usagi's room because it was hidden under a giant mess of clothes that Usagi didn't pick up before going to school earlier that morning. Luna says, "Girls, I believe there is a dark energy at work in the Juban District. It would be expedient for all of you to keep a close eye on any peculiar activity that goes on while shopping there. I have already contacted the other two Guardians, and they are aware of this also."

They say "Roger" and close communication with Luna. Usagi starts whining, "You might know something evil and sinister would be lurking around at a time like this. I was really looking forward to shopping."

Ami points out, "Remember, Luna just said for us to keep a close eye on any peculiar activity that goes on in this region. We can go about our business, we just have to be careful, that's all."

"But how will you be able to go to Cram Class at 5:00pm, which is coming up in another hour if something evil shows up?" Minako asks?

Ami responds, "This was never addressed in the anime, was it? How was I able to commit to my studies at Cram School and fight evil by night at the same time? Good question!"

Usagi jumps in, "Guys, I really want to have some fun, so let's get this shopping on the go, and worry about the boogie man later, OK?"

Ami says, "Let's just hope for the best." They then head into one of the shopping centers, while keeping a close eye on whatever strange and unusual activity they could catch.

When 5:00pm hit, it was time for Ami to head to her Cram Class. She had to be there by 5:25pm. They detected nothing unusual other than a strange atmosphere in the Juban Shopping District, but it could have been nothing at the same time. Ami departed from the other two, leaving Usagi and Minako to work out their next plan. Usagi asks Mina if she wants to go see Motoki at the Arcade Center.

"As much as I would love too, Usagi, I have a date at 6:00pm that I failed to tell everyone about. I will tell you how it goes with him at tonight's Study Group. I better get home and get ready for it." Says Minako.

"OK, sounds good, Mina-chan. I'll head to the Arcade Center for about an hour, then head home. Did Ami even tell us what time the Study Group is at?" Usagi asks?

"Yes, she said to be at her apartment complex around 9:00pm. OK, gotta go!" Minako rushes off, but not before waving Usagi off.

Usagi waves back, then proceeds toward the Arcade Gaming Center. Before she arrives, that dark energy in the atmosphere began to thicken again. But this time after everyone had left! "What is going on? I suddenly feel like I am getting a headache."

Suddenly Usagi caught a glimpse of a male figure, dressed in black, dash into an alley way just three blocks away from the Arcade Center. Usagi, knowing that as Sailor Moon, the Champion of Love and Justice, she would have to investigate this suspicious situation. Luna jumps on the back of her shoulders, crying out, "Did you see that, Usagi!? Now would be the right time to transform into Sailor Moon. That suspicious man dressed in black could be working for a dimension of darkness that is leaking into our world."

Usagi takes hold of the Moon Prism Compact, and holds it in a firm grip. She approaches the Alley way to take a sneak peak into it. Peaking in with Luna, they see nothing but darkness. Usagi started feeling shivers go up her spine. She hated investigating evil conspiracies and crime in the dark, suddenly she felt the need to cry like the crybaby she was.


Luna places both paws on Usagi's legs while looking up at her with a serious expression in her eyes, "Now is not the time for tears, Usagi! Now is the time to get to the bottom of this mystery, and find out just who that strange man was."

Usagi adds, ". . .But what of the other Sailor Guardians? Why do I have to do this one by myself, and didn't you contact Rei-chan and Mako-chan on the Communicator when we were in the shopping districts?"

Luna says, "Yes! They should be on their way. But if it will prompt you to transform, I will contact them once again to see where they are?"

Usagi says, "Very well! It's time to punish crime in the Name of the Moon!" Just then Usagi holds out the Moon Prism Compact and shouts, "MOON PRISM POWER, MAKE UP!" At that very moment, with the Compact placed in front of her heart, at the middle of her chest, her transformation was activated. Within just a moment she was garbed as a Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit. Courage came upon Usagi instantly, and at that she rushed into the Alley Way to take out the bad guy.


Usagi yells back, "ROGER THAT, LUNA!" And at that she was off to turn that foe into Moon Dust.


When Usagi, as Sailor Moon, entered the darkened Alley Way, there was no one to be found in sight. Suddenly a Distress Signal alarmed on her distress-detectors on the Buns of her hair. The red detectors began flashing bright red while making an alerting sound while the voice of a girl was heard screaming in terror.

Usagi listens intently to see if she recognized the voice that was screaming. She was never put in many situations where Naru would be screaming, but thought for a second that it might have been her. But wasn't sure enough to know for sure.

"Could it be Naru?" She asks herself, then proceeds through the dark Alley Way until reaching the other side. When she got there, she could see that the Alley Way lead to a vacant run down parking lot. It was a wide space. That's when she saw the black figure of that person appear once again. He was standing on top of the roof of a broken down Charger.

"You there, I can't allow you to disrupt the peaceful air of the Juban Shopping districts! I am going to punish you, once and for all, in the Name of the Moon!" Usagi exclaims, while at the same time going from one stance to the next.

The vigilant in the dark crosses his arms, it was hard to make out what he was doing, but from the looks of it, it seemed as if he was smirking. Suddenly, he spoke up, saying, "Foolish Guardian of Love and Justice! [He seems to know who she is] I am Mark, a messenger of the Revived Dark Kingdom. I am here to tell you that the darkness that is about to fall upon Japan is going to be so thick and heavy that no citizen of Japan will be able to stand it. As a result, oppression will fill the air waves, seeing how there will no longer be any joy or peace, and then through that dismay I will collect their exerted energy to power up the God of the Revived Dark Kingdom, Ineru!"

"Ineru? God of the Revived Dark Kingdom? Why does he need to be empowered if he is considered a God?" Usagi asks?

"Silence! You serve no other purpose other than to be consumed of your Guardian Energy! Now allow me to demonstrate the darkness of my power to make this world a place of heaviness, oppression, and despair!"

At that this messenger, who revealed himself by the name, Mark, brought both his arms high over each side of his head, as black energy started to form in the palm of his hands. The dark power then shot up into the sky, darkening it. Within just a fraction of a moment, the air began feeling as if it was thickened with moist, and suddenly heaviness and anxiety sunk into the heart of Sailor Moon; but not just Sailor Moon, but everyone within the vicinity of the Juban districts.

Sailor Moon's eyes went from bright blue and wide to heavy and dark. The oppression was so heavy that she was unable to function at her fullest capacity. Falling on both her knees, with both the palm of her hands placed at each side of her skirt, she hangs her head down, as her life energy begins to come off from her body.

Mark holds out both his hands in front of him as the energy coming off from Sailor Moon's body absorbs into his palms. That's when Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter showed up, and interfered with his plan of the energy abstraction.

Sailor Moon looks up at the other two Guardians, who were also experiencing the oppression and despair that blanketed the Juban districts, and all of Japan for that matter, and asks them how they were able to withstand the messengers attack.

"Oh, silly Usagi!" Says Rei, as she approaches her, to help her back to her feet. "You just gotta have a stronger power of will and spirit. For me, I had a premonition back at the Hikawa Shrine, and ward off all evil from being able to subdue me. Except I am feeling more of the oppression outside of that territory. Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter, grins, "For me, it took a lot of positive energy on my part. I just didn't want to give into the oppression and negativity. Call it a super strong mind if you will. Usagi, we know you are more fragile and weak, but we thought you would come out on top in this situation, too."

Usagi, still feeling a little oppressed, looked even sadder than before. She felt like she failed, and that because of her, all the people of Japan were suffering because of her. Suddenly she caught a second wind, a wind to vanquish this messenger guy instantly. Bracing both the palms of her hand against the paved ground of the parking lot, she managed to get up on one knee, then with a push of strength, she got back on both feet, only wobbling a little bit because she felt dizzy from the sudden atmospheric change. She looks at Mark, who was surprised to see just how powerful these Guardians were. Any lesser person would have been too beat down with oppression and despair to move on and fight.

"Impressive, Sailor Guardians. I did not expect such a display of motivation and perseverance. I am clearly outnumbered at this point, but I will be back at a later time, and with more armies at my side, which will be enemies that you will not be able to overcome." At that he (Mark) disappears into a black hole that instantly appears at the side of him, and disappears immediately after he entered into it.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter run to Sailor Moon's side, and hold her up by putting one of her arms each over their shoulders. "Usagi, Luna wasn't kidding when she said that she sensed a great evil in the Juban shopping districts. I think it is important to get in touch with Ami-chan and Mina-chan, and see how they are fairing out with this oppressive climate change." Says Makoto.

At that they leave the back parking lot through then nearest exit, and head back to the streets of the Juban district. When they had arrived at a clearing, they could see that night had already fallen over the City. However, the oppressiveness had depleted completely.

"It seems that the enemy was only able to change positive clear air into oppressive negative air temporarily. When he is no longer in our realm, the World, his powers go with him." Theorizes Rei.

Usagi, feeling much fatigue, tells Rei-chan and Mako-chan that she will have to head home and lay down for an hour. She still had every intention of joining the Study Group at Ami's place, she just needed to rest and get her strength back.

"Do you want us to walk you home, Usagi?" Makoto asks?

"No, I will be fine. I don't know what hit me. I didn't expect an attack that powerful." Says Usagi as a response.

Rei then speaks up, "Well, that guy did extract a great deal of your Life Energy, unlike Makoto and I. So that could explain why you are so fatigued. I agree, you should lay down, get some rest, and meet up with us later on tonight at Ami's."

With all that being said, Usagi makes her way home, while Rei and Makoto head toward a Cafe to get a coffee. On there way their they meet up with Minako who was with a really cheesy guy.

Minako says, "Rei-chan! Mako-chan! I did not expect to run into you guys. This is Joe, we are on our first date."

Makoto smiles, then looks a Joe, "You better be a good boyfriend to my friend, Mina-chan, you hear me? Or you'll get a whooping!" She says while shaking her fist. Joe looked terrified at the hearing of Makoto's words.

Rei looks at Makoto, "Mako-chan, where did you leave the baked goods you said you were bringing to Ami's Apartment Complex tonight?" She asks?

Makoto smacks her forehead in disbelief that she would have forgotten to bring them with her. She was in such a rush after getting a Distress Call on the Communicator from Luna that she had virtually no time to take them with her when she rushed out the door.

Makoto says, "We will have to go back to my Apartment to get them. It is already going on 7:45pm. By the time we head to my Apartment to pick them up, and then walk over to Ami's, it'll be roughly 9:00pm. Let's go!"

At that Makoto and Rei head to her place to get the baked goods.

- - -

Meanwhile, Usagi was at home, in her bedroom, lying on her bed. The moment she hit the pillow she was out like a light. She did, however, tell her mother beforehand to wake her up no later than 8:15pm so that she would have time to walk down to Ami's and meet everyone there. She began dreaming that the world was being engulfed in a thick, black, darkness. And that all of Japan was in ruin. This frightened her to the point where she awoke out of sleep in a cold sweat.

". . . J-just a dream." Usagi says, gasping under her breath. When she looked at her alarm clock it was 8:05pm, so she decided to just get up and wash her face in the bathroom sink, and get ready for the Study Group. In the bathroom, in front of the sink, she turns on the facets, both the hot and the cold water, to make it warm. As she takes her hands full of water to her face, an image of Mark appears in the bathroom mirror! Usagi jumps back, almost falling into the bathtub. "What the hell was that!? Am I seeing things?" She says in a terrified, shocked, voice.

"Just relax... I am normally not this taken back by an enemies attack. He's just another enemy. He doesn't possess the powers of Love and Justice. Love and Justice are Universal Truths. . . they cannot be conquered by evil and darkness. I am going to get my mind off him for the time being, and have a good night with my friends. I just need to get my mind off what happened earlier tonight."

Saying that, Usagi heads back into her room where she grabs her school suitcase bag, and heads down the stairs. It was now exactly 8:15pm, so she pretty much had to leave the house now. At the bottom of the stairs she looks into the kitchen and sees her mother sitting at the kitchen table. "Mom, I am going over to Ami's to study with the girls."

Usagi's mother was so very proud of her little girl, that she would say such things concerning studying. "How you've matured, my daughter. OK, have a good night, and get lots and lots of homework done! I will be expecting a good mark on your next test!"

Usagi was a little nervous when she heard this, seeing how she didn't really know how well she would do at the Study Group, but she was also sure that with the School Genius being around, she would be just fine.

Heading out the front door, she made her way toward Ami's, which wasn't overly far from her place. When she arrived, it was 8:38pm, which gave her plenty of time to just chill at her place before the Studying would begin.

She knocks at the door, with her suitcase school bag out in front of her, resting against her lap, with both her hands gripped on to the handle. Ami comes to the door and opens it. "Hi Usagi, you're early. Come in!" She says, then adds, "My mom left a plate full of Okonomiyaki in the refrigerator, so hopefully no one ate anything major before coming over here. I am going to heat it up a little bit in the Oven and then we can have it with our Study-time."

Usagi smiles, she loved Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza) and loved how much more fun it made the Study Groups. "Also," Says Ami, "Mako-chan will be bringing those baked goods with her, so we're not going to starve tonight, that's for sure." She then giggles at the thought of how much they are going to be fatties tonight.

Usagi smiles, she wanted her smile to hold back the dismay that she felt from the earlier encounter with Mark. And she was still feeling a little low on energy because of the extraction of her energy by his hands. But she did not want to ruin this night. Being with her friends meant the world to her. They were her very best friends, and they were so dear to her.

At that the doorbell dinged, "Oh, that must be Rei-chan, Mako-chan, and Mina-chan. I'll let them in. Usagi, can you put on some tea?"

Usagi salutes Ami, "You got it! Leave it to Usagi-chan!" As she was pouring fresh water into the Water Heater to boil it, she could hear Mako-chan talking about the strawberry and chocolate cake she baked. This made Usagi even more happier, as she loved cake!

When the Water Heater completely boiled the water inside of it, Usagi pours the water into five tea cups, and drops a Green Tea Leave-bag into each one. She then put them on a tea-cup plate and told Ami that the tea was ready.

Ami smiles, "Great! The Okonomiyaki should be just about ready, too. I'm preheating it so it shouldn't take too long."

"Just don't burn the place down, Ami." Makoto says with a chuckle.

Ami giggles, "I'm not Usagi, you know."

Rei jumps in at the mentioning of Usagi, "That's right, I'm surprised you trusted her with the boiling of water."

"Heyyy, you guyyys! Have more faith in me!" Usagi whines.

"Oh, we're just kidding, Usagi-chan. Mina-chan is worse. She'd burn down a Fire Department if she had the chance." Mako-chan says, redirecting.

Minako laughs, "Ha ha! Yea, I can't count how many times I stepped on Joes' toes tonight while we were walking through the shopping districts."

"How did that go tonight, Mina-chan?" Usagi asks?

"It went OK, I guess. He kept creeping me out all night by saying that he wanted to marry me. I mean, we were just on a date, and he's already talking about our wedding reception and stuff!"

"Creepy." Makoto says.

Creepy." Rei says.

Ami then says, "OK you guys, it is now time to get this Study Group on the go! We have Japanese Pizza, Green Tea, and Strawberry-Chocolate Cake to have with our Study-time. Let's have ourselves a good night!"

Seated around the table, everyone continued chatting about their lives, telling funny jokes, talking about dreams and aspirations that they had in sight in their futures, and just enjoyed being together with everyone. Ami asks, "What units in Math is everyone at?"

Makoto speaks up, "I'm on Page 305, studying Advanced Algebra.

"Oh, no way! I'm on that subject, too, Mako-chan." Exclaims Minako.

Rei told everyone that she was studying Trigonometry.

"What about you, Usagi. What Chapter are you on?" Ami says, pointing all focus on Usagi."

Usagi, smiling nervously, knowing that she was way behind everyone else, says that she was studying Multiplication of Fractions.

Ami smiles, "OK, I will give Math help to all of you, plus work on my own lessons, for those who need it, so if you're stuck, just call me over."

The night continued to be very fruitful and productive, as they were all learning their Math lessons, and felt more prepared for the upcoming test that Miss Haruna was going to give them at the beginning of next week. (Monday.)

After they had finished studying, and eating all the goodies, and drinking all the tea, they were getting tired, so they decided it was time to call it a night. When they looked at the clock it was 11:11pm.

"Tomorrow's the weekend, thank goodness." Rei says with a sign of relief. "I would not want to get up for school tomorrow."

"I think we earned this weekend, everyone." Ami adds, "We studied really hard tonight."

"Especially you, Ami, seeing how you put in a full day of school today, plus cram school, and now homework." Minako acknowledges.

Makoto stands up, and stretches her arms high across the back of her head. "I think we all put up a good fight, no matter what we do. Whether it's fighting against the forces of darkness or studying for an exam, we always put everything into it, and despite how procrastinating some of us can by times, we shine the most when we are all together, like this."

"Well said, Mako-chan!" Usagi says, with a smile on her face.

Suddenly the Communicator went off, it was Luna. Everyone opens the covers of their Communicators to listen in to what Luna was reporting.

"Everyone, I just want to tell you that there has been some strange occurrences taking place throughout Tokyo. Activities that scream, "Revived Dark Kingdom." I understand that you five just had a little Study Group tonight, and are probably full of cake and ice cream, so I do not expect you to go on an Investigation tonight. But keep your eyes peeled. Within the next couple of days I can see major catastrophes happening in Japan. Let's not get too comfortable."

"Roger that, Luna. We will keep our eyes peeled." Everyone says, then closes off communications with Luna.

"There's truly no rest for the wicked, is there?" Usagi says, with a frown on her face."

"Don't be like that, Usagi. We are the good guys, remember. We're not wicked." Minako says, patting her shoulder.

"I know one thing, I've got a wicked stomach ache from all that cake, and Okonomiyaki." Makoto inserts into the conversation.

Ami giggles, as the girls begin to make their way out to the main entrance/exit of her Apartment.

After they had departed from the house, Ami tells them that she will see them tomorrow, and how it would probably be a good idea to do exactly what Luna had ordered. They all agree. "Yes, tomorrow we will go on a thorough investigation throughout Tokyo. That guy is bound to show up again, but we should do it a night. His movements thus far haven't been shown early in the day." Rei says.

With that everyone headed home to their individual Apartments. It was now 11:30pm.


Usagi wakes up to her alarm clock the next morning. She had set it to 10:30am, seeing how it was the weekend and she wanted to sleep in. "No school for me today!" Usagi exclaims, happily. "I wonder what Mamo-chan is up to this morning? What do you think, Luna, should I go over to his apartment?"

Luna responds with a sigh, "There you go again, Usagi. Never maintaining your focuses on the mission, but elsewhere on things that make you cheery."

"Well, of course, it's important to be cheery; isn't it, Luna?" Usagi comes back with.

Luna just hangs her head as Usagi jumps out of bed and gets dressed in a skirt and blouse, but not before doing up her buns and pigtails in the mirror. She then makes her way down the stairs, where she is greeted by her father who was just passing by the bottom of the staircase.


"Yes, dad?"

"Umino called this morning, he wanted to see if you wanted to hang out at his place and watch Mighty Morphin Power Ranger-type Television programs with him?"

Usagi looks at her dad with a bored expression on her face.

"Aw, come on, Usagi. Umino is a nice guy. You should really spend more time together. I totally approve of it." Usagi's dad says with a chuckle.

"Thanks for your input, dad, but I get enough of the Power Ranger-type action in real life. I don't need to watch it on Television." Usagi says, then runs for the door. Her father just looks in her direction with a marveled expression on his face, then heads into the kitchen.

When Usagi had exited the front door of her house, she could tell that it was the perfect day to visit Mamo-chan. The sun was shining in all of its strength, and the clouds looked like cream puffs dipped in blueberry soda. She couldn't help but skip toward Mamoru Chiba's apartment, hoping that he would be at home. She wasn't too concerned about the Revived Dark Kingdom at this moment, her only focus was on enjoying the weekend.

When she approached Mamoru's apartment condominium, she could hear laughter from inside. She wondered if Mamoru had company, and if it was a bad time to visit.

"I wonder what all the laughter is about?" Usagi asks herself, then rings the doorbell.

Within just a few minutes Mamoru came to the door, and opens it. "Usako-chan." He says.

"Did I catch you at a bad time, Mamo-chan?"

"No, come in. You will be surprised though at who dropped down from the future this morning." Mamoru says, already giving an obvious hint.


"You guessed right!" Says Chibiusa as she comes to the door.

Usagi was starting to get jealous. She did not like when Chibiusa was with Mamoru, and especially when she decided to hang out at his apartment without her consent.

"Chibiusa, what made you come back to Present Day Japan?"

"My future parents told me that I would have to fight against the Revived Dark Kingdom with you and the other Sailor Guardians, so this is why I'm here."

A smile of happiness suddenly shines on Usagi's face. She knew of her origin, that she was once a Princess in Silver Millennium, when the Kingdom was on the Moon, but that she was also a future Queen, called Neo Queen Serenity. She had a natural nurturing feeling that came over her whenever she saw her future daughter.

"Chibiusa, I am happy you came back. I missed you." Usagi says, warmly smiling.

Chibiusa smiles back. "Yes, it is good to be back. I was really starting to miss spending time with Mamo-chan."

Suddenly the warmth of Usagi's smile became a stern look of anger and jealousy. "You back away from my Mamo-chan!"

"Why don't you make me!" Chibiusa says while sticking out her tongue at Usagi.

Mamoru motions his hands out in front of him for the girls to stop fighting, and tells Usagi to come in for some coffee. Usagi enters, trying to ignore that brat, Chibi Usagi.

When they got seated with their coffee, Usagi asks Mamoru if he heard anything about or saw anything relating to the Revived Dark Kingdom. Suddenly she felt like being more serious, even though at the same time she just wanted to be with him, and enjoy his company. Mamoru tells her that the Legendary Silver Crystal is a risk of being stolen, and that they should all take careful steps from this point on.

Chibiusa speaks up, "That's why I came, so aid in bringing down the Dark Kingdom once again. And I hear that the Kingdom is run by a new set of foes?"

"That's right, Chibiusa." Mamoru says. "The Universe is a big place, expanding endless time of existence. Peace can only go on for so long until new enemies appear. This is why we always have to have our sights on the skies above."

Usagi takes a sip of her coffee, and makes a squint-y face. Mamoru looks at her, and guesses that there wasn't enough sweetener in her coffee. "Just a minute, Usagi, I'll get you another tea spoon."

Chibiusa looks at Usagi with suspicious eyes. "You just did that to get Mamoru to notice you more. In other words, you just want all the attention to be on you, and away from me."

Usagi laughs, "Don't be stupid, Chibiusa. I don't even have to try to get my Mamo-chan to notice me, he does it himself!"

At that Chibiusa falls on the floor, pretending that she got hurt. Mamoru comes in with the teaspoon of sugar, and quickly hands it to Usagi before catering to Chibiusa. "Are you OK, Chibiusa? It doesn't hurt anywhere, does it?"

Usagi makes an angry balloon face, while stirring the sugar into her coffee. She didn't realize that the coffee was spilling because she was circling the spoon inside the coffee cup too quickly and aggressively.

Chibiusa: "I'm OK now. Thanks for your concern, Mamo-chan!" (^_^)

Usagi: "So when do you go back to the future, Chibiusa?"

"What do you mean by that? I just arrived from the future Crystal Palace this morning." Chibiusa says, as a defense.

"Yea, Usako-chan. She just got here, don't make her feel like she's unwelcome, and she is our daughter of the future after all."

Usagi could tell that it was a no win situation, so she decided to set her coffee cup on the coffee table, and leave. "I got to go."

Chibiusa doesn't say anything.

Mamoru stands up, "Usako. Chibiusa is just getting situated. Don't let her raise jealousy in you."

"Mamo-chan!" Usagi says, while looking up at him with watery eyes.

Mamoru looks at her with a scared look in his eye.

"I will always be the one for you, right Mamo-chan? Not that evil Chibiusa!"

"Hey, just who are you calling 'evil?'" Chibiusa comes out with.

"Usako. You are my future wife. Chibiusa is our future daughter. Chibiusa is precious to both of us, for she is our daughter. But you are the love of my life. No one could ever replace you." Mamoru says with a warm smile.

Usagi blushes, and smiles happily. "That's right, and you mean everything to me, Mamo-chan!" (^_^)

Just then Usagi got a incoming call on her Communicator. It was Ami contacting her with the rest of the Guardians from the Hikawa Shrine. Usagi: "Ami, what is it? Is something wrong?"

Ami responds, "The girls and I were hanging out at the Shrine when a darkness engulfed the skies around this region. I'm not sure if you can see the dark clouds and sky from where you are at. We should get ready to transform because I can see the enemy fast approaching."

"Right, I will be right there, and I am taking Chibiusa with me."

"Chibiusa is back?" Ami says a little surprised.

"Yes, she was sent here from the future this morning to aid us in taking down the Revived Dark Kingdom."

Ami: "OK, the more the merrier. We will see you guys soon."

Usagi: "OK, be there momentarily." With that final word spoken into the communicator, Usagi closed communications with Ami, and looks at Mamoru.

"Mamo-chan. I will see you if things get heated up." Usagi then looks over at Chibiusa. "Come on, let's get ready to turn the entirety of the Revived Dark Kingdom into Moon Dust!"

At that Usagi and Chibi Usagi leave Mamoru's apartment, and head for the Hikawa Shrine.


Two peculiar individuals were seen performing martial arts maneuvers and techniques in the rainy streets of Nerima in Japan. One was a teenaged girl with red hair in a pig-tail wearing Chinese clothing, and the other was a giant Panda-bear. They seemed pretty even in the pedestrians eyes that spectated the fight, but that was until one of them, the girl with the pig-tail, landed a foot to the face of the Panda, knocking him back on his. . . back.

"I'm going back to China. Suck on that, old man!" She says just before turning her back to the Panda and walking off. This didn't stop the Panda though. He retaliated instantly by hauling a sign out from the street pavement and whacking the girl with the pig-tail off-side the back of the head with it, knocking her unconscious.

Meanwhile, at the Tendo Residence and Martial Arts Training Center where the Anything-Goes Style was practiced and studied, Soun Tendo, the proprietor and head Master of the Tendo Dojo called out to his three beautiful daughters after having first received and read a letter that was sent by a very dear friend of his from China. It said that he was bringing his son - Ranma Saotome - to the Training Hall.

Soun could find his eldest daughter, Kasumi, and his middle daughter Nabiki, but he could not find his youngest daughter, Akane. "Where is that girl?" He says.

Nabiki, being sent from her father, Soun, to find Akane, searches for her and finds her letting off steam in the Dojo. "There you go again, Akane. This is why the boys at School think that you are so weird." Akane with a fast reply, says, "So what if everyone thinks the whole-wide-world revolves around BOYS! I personally think they are insensitive jerks!"

Hearing this, Nabiki could only reply with one line of words: "Oh, then I guess this wouldn't interest you."

Afterwards the Tendo Siblings were gathered together at the dining table with their father to be told the situation. This is what he told them: "My daughters, a very dear friend of mine will be here any minute. With him is his son, Ranma Saotome. If one of you girls were to wed him and take over the Dojo, the Tendo-family legacy would be Secure."

Akane was the first to reply: "And don't we have some way in who we are going to marry?"

Nabiki seemed to only care if he was good looking and wickedly rich. She says, "Is he cute, this Ranma-guy? And can he make my life happy and prosperous?"

Kasumi was more concerned with how far apart the age-gap was. She says: "How old is this, Ranma? . . . Older men 'bore me'!"

Having said that, they await their fathers answer. Soun, with a light chuckle, finally says, "I don't know, I've never met him [Ranma]."

Just then there was a sound of people entering in through the main doors. Soun and Nabiki were quick to go check it out. Nabiki says, "Oh, it must be Ranma."
But to her surprise, as well as everyone Else's surprise, the two characters that appeared that evening were not who they expected! Instead they were the pig-tailed girl in the Chinese clothing, and a over-sized Panda.

Soun looks at the girl with red hair, and stutters to get his words out... "Y-you... w-wouldn't be? . . ."

"I'm Ranma Saotome. . . sorry 'bout this."

Soun, happy to hear that it was indeed Ranma, the son of his very dear friend, embraces him only to realize that what he was wrapping his arms around was not the body of what would be considered a male-teenager. Rather, it was that of a busty teenage girl!

Nabiki walks up to Ranma (Girl-Type) and pokes at one of her breasts. "Daddy, she is not a guy, she's a girl!"

Soun, when hearing this falls back and faints.

When Soun came too, everyone was sitting around him. He was clothed in a blanket, and he had a wet towel over his forehead that Kasumi kept applying. Nabiki grabs Ranma's breast again and says "Daddy, how could you have confused this girl with a guy?" Soun replies, "When my friend, Genma Saotome, told me that he was bringing his son to Japan, I took him for his word." Nabiki squeezes Ranma's breast AGAIN, "Does this seem like a guy to you?"

Akane speaks up, "Leave her alone. He. . . she is our guest." Akane faces Ranma. "I'm Akane, 'you want to be friends?"

Ranma smiles, and the two make their way to the Dojo to have a spar. When they enter, Akane asks if Ranma studied Kenpo? Ranma replied with "A little."

Akane: "Well, let's have a 'little' match, then."

Ranma stood before her with both her arms folded behind her back. Akane could not tell if she was experienced or average at martial arts, but took a swing at her with both her fists and feet a few times just to rest her abilities. Ranma evaded each strike effortlessly. She (Ranma) then dodged the final attack, a fist that went straight into the Dojo wall, and flipped over Akane's head, landing behind her, and pokes her shoulder. Ranma then starts giggling happily.

Akane starts giggling as well, and then says how good Ranma is. "I am just glad that you are a girl. . . I mean, I would really hate to lose to a boy."

As the Sun began to set, Nabiki was walking along the hallway just outside the living room, and noticed a man wearing a scarf/bandanna on his head in a Karate uniform. She went to Kasimi, who was in the kitchen, and asked her if she knew who the stranger with their father was? Kasumi just said, 'Beats the hell out of me.' (Emphasis Added for Humor.)

The conversation Soun was having with this stranger revealed exactly what took place in China while Genma and Ranma were training at a legendary training ground called Jusenkyo. Soun could only quote a Chinese proverb: "The path of a true martial artist is fought with peril" as tears continued to stream down his cheeks.

Meanwhile, Kasumi meets up with Ranma, and tells her that she should take a bath after working out. Ranma is a little hesitant, but ends up listening to her. In the bathtub Ranma, this time as a guy, was wondering what he would do, and how he would explain his situation. Akane notices Ranma's Chinese clothes in the hamper and goes into the bathroom to join her for a hot soak. When she enters, she sees Ranma, who had just stood out of the water of the bathrub. He was completely naked, and so was Akane. . . well, with the exception of the small towel that was covering some of Akane's body parts.

Akane slips out of the bathroom as Ranma looks down at his manhood and lets out a terrifying scream! She runs down the hallway into the living room and grabs the table that Soun and Genma were drinking sake at. Nabiki asks Akane what had her so frightened. Akane told her that there was a pervert in the bathroom. Nabiki then said, "Why didn't you just use your martial arts and clubber him then?" Akane replies, "Because I am scared, that's why!"

Suddenly a guy with black hair in a pig-tail, who was wearing the same Chinese clothes, enters the room. Everyone looks at him, with the exception of his father, Genma, in surprise. Kasumi questions if Ranma and the red-haired girl they seen earlier were the same person. Ranma says, "I am Ranma Saotome, sorry 'bout this."

Having all sat down around the dining table, Genma speaks up, and introduces both himself and his son. "I don't know were to begin." Genma admits before taking Ranma and throwing him into the pond outside in the back yard of the Tendo Residence. When Ranma got splashed by the water and came out of the water, he was the same girl with the red hair that they seen all seen before. "What did ya do that for!?"

Genma with a tear in his eye, clenches his fist. "Oh, how I hate to see my son like this. It is a dire shame, and ever so embarrassing." He exclaims just before Ranma jumps behind him and kicks him into the pond. Genma comes out of the water as the giant Panda. "Yer' one to talk. My old man's a Panda." Ranma says with a punch to his big-furry stomach.

Kasumi says, "Father, you have some very unusual friends."

Soun says, "They weren't always this way. It was during a fatal exercise in China at a legendary training ground called Jusenkyo that did this to them. I heard about the shear terror of that evil place, but it was always shrouded in mystery. . . until now." Soun then proceeds on to say that Ranma's problem isn't that bad after all, and tries to douse him with a kettle of hot water, but not before dousing Genma first. Both Genma and Ranma said the same thing. "Warm is fine, it doesn't have to be boiling!"

Soun puts his arm over Ranma (Girl-Type's) shoulder and introduces her to her three daughters. "Choose any one, she will be your fiance."

Kasumi and Nabiki quickly nominate Akane as the pick of the crop to be Ranma's finance, but this leads to Akane asking why they are choosing her!

Kasumi answers, "Well, that's because you hate boys. You are in luck, Akane. Ranma is half girl."

Ranma and Akane start arguing at this moment how they could never be engaged to each other. Akane says, "You saw me in the newd, you molester." Ranma replies, "Hey, wait a sec'. You walked in on me. Besides, it's not a big deal for me to see a naked girl; I mean, I've seen myself plenty of times, right?. . . And I'm built better. . . toboot!" Ranma says just before laughing, and just before getting sandwiched by a table that Akane slammed on her.

Ranma wakes up later on that night with a cold towel over her forehead. Kasumi tells Ranma not to think too badly of Akane, she just has an out-of-control temper. Nabiki says, "Oh, good, Kasumi. That makes lots of sense."

After Ranma's head began to clear from its headache, she undressed, took her bathroom supplies, (towel, soup, etc.) and makes her way to the bathroom. Before she could open the door, Akane, who was just getting out of the bathroom, with nothing on, exits. Ranma (Girl-Type) stares at her nervously just before getting a whack to the face by the palm of Akane's hand. The slap could be heard all across Nerima.

After Ranma had bathed and changed back into a guy, he was in the dining sitting close to the outer back yard with a pink cheek from where he got slapped. Genma, his father, says, "At least she's got spunk. That makes a fiance even more cuter, right?' Ranma replies, "Cute is not the word... she's definitely NOT cute!" He then looks at Akane, and Akane looks back at him, and both of them look like they want to kill each other. Well, more so Akane than Ranma. Ranma accidentally touches his cheek with the palm of his hand and yells, "Ouch!"


Chapter 1… (RAN RAN - Page 1.)… (RAN RAN - Page 2.)… (RAN RAN - Page 3.)… (RAN RAN - Page 4.)… (RAN RAN - Page 5.)… (RAN RAN - Page 6.)… (RAN RAN - Page 7.)… (RAN RAN - Page 8.)… (RAN RAN - Page 9.)… (RAN RAN - Page 10.)

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Chapter 4… (RAN RAN - Page 1.)

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I will UPDATE this journal with new links to future pages of the RAN RAN story so be sure refer to this journal for all the latest RAN RAN pages that I post.


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